This node will have 54 hectares in total and is part of the Logistics Area of Jaen, in addition to the spaces of Bailen and Linares

In the month of March, the Ministry of Development and Housing opened the public information period of the Functional Plan of the Logistic Area of Andujar, as reported in the Official Bulletin of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Functional Plan of the Logistic Area of Andujar establishes the territorial field for implementation, as well as the use of spaces, the economic-financial study for its promotion, construction and exploitation or the repercussion on local development.

This logistics node will have a total area of 54 hectares and an estimated investment budget of 19 million euros, of which six will be spend on the development of the first phase, consisting of 17 hectares.

It is part of one of the actions planned within the Logistics Network of Andalusia, and is located in the main road axis of entry and exit of Andalusia, the A-4.

The logistics area is close to the Madrid-Linares-Córdoba-Algeciras railway line, which is integrated into the Trans-European Transport Network, both in the Mediterranean Railway Corridor and the Atlantic Corridor.

Jaen Logistic Node

The Logistic Area of Jaen is constituted as an agglomerate of three sectors that are complemented and located in the municipalities of Linares, Bailen and Andujar.

All these will operate as dry harbours specialized in the distribution of cargo from and to the interior of Europe and Spain, located in strategic areas with regard to their provision of railway and road infrastructures.

The eleven areas that form the Logistics Network of Andalusia, among which is Jaen, are structured as the main access nodes to the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors in the autonomous community of Andalusia and favor intermodality with the railway.