The EORI is a unique number throughout the UE that is assigned by the customs authority in a State that belongs to economic agents, whether companies or individuals. An Economic Operator can obtain an EORI number valid throughout the European Union when registering for customs purposes in a Member State.

How to obtain the EORI number?

It must be processed in the Member State where you are going to carry out your first import or export. The State is usually the country of origin. Once the EORI identification is obtained, it will be valid for all the member states of the European Union.

If your company is not registered in Spain but has a Tax Representative or has obtained a VAT number in Spain, EORI identification is also necessary. This code will be identical to the one obtained in the country of origin related to the NIF obtained in Spain.+

Finally, the application for linking to Customs will be necessary.



FAQs about EORI

How to obtain the EORI?

If the company is Spanish, whose NIF begins with A or B, the VAT NIF must match your EORI number. The Spanish Administration registers a large part of the applicant companies in the EORI database. The process is automatic in the office for legal entities that are a Anonymous Society or Limited Society.

However, there are Spanish NIFs that do not have EORI identification, so it is advisable to check the validity of the Spanish EORI number on the official website of the European Union.

How long does it take until the EORI is active?

After the request and registration in the Tax Agency, approximately 48 hours later it is activated and the merchandise can be shipped.

What happens if I am a foreign exporter / importer?

It is necessary to request the link between your EORI and your NIF. Request information by filling out the form.



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